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Rodann Entrance Alert Set
Entrance Alert Set

This is the new "A" system, not compatible with older models. Please call us for availability on models to match your system.

The "DA50L Wireless Door Chime Set" is a highly versatile passive infrared (PIR) door announcer that senses the infrared emitted by a person or object crossing through its field of view. The DA50L wireless door chime operates without reflectors or light beam projectors and therefore is immune to false alerts caused by transient light. You can use with door opened or closed. The DA50L Wireless Door Chime is battery powered and does not require electrical wiring. This unique PIR makes the DA50L wireless door chime set the best solution for virtually any installation. It can also be used on warehouse roll up doors, inside display cabinets, restricted area protection, or (patio, bedroom, bathroom) window alerting device.

  • Will work on all doors including metal
  • Detects any Motion
  • Infrared Sensor
  • Wireless - Simple Installation
  • Receiver has a volume control and plugs into a wall outlet anywhere up to 1000' of the transmitter.
  • Receiver uses 110 Volts
  • Transmitter is battery powered
  • 100% tested at the factory
  • No Reflectors
  • No Light Beams
  • No False Alerts from transient light
  • Up to 1000 Foot Range
  • Remote Receiver with Volume Control operates on 110V AC
  • Alerts you with a pleasant electronic chime tone-four sound options
  • Not affected by wind, heat, humidity or shadows
  • Counters available
  • Not compatible with DA50

Extra Push Button Transmitter

Extra Transmitter, No Antenna, 300 Ft. Range

Model Description Price
DA50L-A Entrance Alert Set Sale!
$143.00 $119.98
(Save $23.02)
DA50LR-A Extra Receiver for "A" systems only Sale!
$90.98 $60.98
(Save $30)
DA50LT-A Extra Transmitter for "A" systems only Sale!
$90.98 $60.98
(Save $30)
FIREBELL Firebell Addon For the DA50L-A Sale!
$68.90 $43.98
(Save $24.92)
TX1000A-PB Indoor Push Button Transmitter for the DA50L-A Sale!
$90.98 $44.98
(Save $46)
TX1000M Extra Transmitter (No Antenna - 300 ft. Range) Discontinued
$80.98 $50.98
(Save $30)
Out of Stock
DA50L-APB Outdoor Push Button Transmitter for the DA50L-A Sale!
$90.98 $70.98
(Save $20)

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